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Here you will find an offer of real estate and other property offered for sale by our partners. It is always a direct sale from the owner. If you are interested, we will provide all additional information and secure an agreement between you and the owner on the sale. Choose below from the quick offer of property for sale 👇👇👇


Family villa

A newly renovated family villa built according to an original project with garden lakes, its own wellness, recording studio, photovoltaic power plant and automated systems is offered exclusively for sale including all equipment and furniture for immediate living or business.

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Sanatorium Ukraine

An extraordinary medical sanatorium project near the capital city of Kyiv is now offered for sale or co-partnership for completion and commissioning. The project is under construction in an unfinished state.


Land Žatec

A lucrative plot of land right in the center of Žatec is offered for sale. The asphalt driveway is included in the price, the possibility of closing the plot, use for parking and any personal purposes.


Sanatorium UKRAINE


      We offer for sale an interesting investment project of a medical sanatorium near the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv. The building is in an unfinished state under construction and is being sold as a whole including the project, land and all buildings for the purpose of completing and putting the project into operation. The owner also offers all cooperation in the area of not only construction, but also other operations and staffing. 

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Basic information about the property:

The outskirts of the town of Nosovka, 100 km northeast of Kyiv

Total land area: 2.5 Ha

Total facility area: 7,500 m2

Scope of the sanatorium:

Swimming pool: 25 m

Rooms for patients: 74/142 beds

Rehabilitation zone: 350 m2

Accommodation for staff:

Professional staff: 88 people

Community center: 120 people

Relaxation parks and greenery 1.75 Ha

Currently, the possibility of any modifications and extensions

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The whole project was designed and built as physiotherapeutic rehabilitation center, focused mainly on children and young people with limited mobility or disability, and physical and psychological rehabilitation for adult patients with physical limitations or after injuries. Last but not least, the project is considering expanding to include aesthetic surgery with subsequent treatment and rehabilitation. Because there are more than 450,000 people in Ukraine. people with similar disabilities and more than 60% of them require at least 2 rehabilitations or more within one year, the capacities of similar facilities in Ukraine are completely insufficient. Moreover, they are located in the eastern region of the country, and therefore the creation of this rehabilitation center near the city of Kyiv is very desirable and economically interesting for investors as well. The location of the rehabilitation center is not accidental, but it provides an absolutely peaceful and healthy environment without industrial influences with a sufficient own source of quality drinking water without industrial influences.

In addition to private patients, the project also includes cooperation with medical facilities and state health facilities for the treatment of patients with care paid for by the state. Mthe project manager offers the investor all cooperation both during the completion of the project and the solution of subsequent operational and personnel issues.

The reason for selling the project is to obtain an investor for the completion and launch of the entire project, which is highly desirable, especially with regard to the current situation. The economic budget of the entire project assumes a return on the entire investment within 4-5 years from the completion and operation of the sanatorium, which is a very interesting offer for investors.


První patro
Obytný dům


Venkovní výbava
Druhé patro
Další technologická výbaa

    From 2015 until of the present the rough structure of all buildings was built, swimming pools and elevator shafts were built, roofing and insulation of all buildings was built, and a church chapel with complete decoration was built. Construction was suspended due to the current situation in Ukraine, and a new investor and owner is expected to join the project. As part of the completion of construction and equipment, the project can be adjusted and changed according to the wishes of the investor. However, with regard to necessity and economic return, the original project appears to be the most interesting.

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The price of the project was determined on the basis of already realized investments in the survey, the project and the building itself, including all permitting and administrative processes.

Investment in the project: 2,000,000 USD



Additional detailed information and negotiations with the seller are important for the sale of the project. All information a next we will arrange the negotiation according to the requirements of the interested party.

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