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In our case, publishing refers to music publishing, ie the registration and publication of music recordings and subsequently their visibility and protection of recordings associated with the collection of fees for their use - the so-called monetization.


The basic element is the registration of the recording itself and the assignment of the ISRC identification code. In our publishing house in England, we then provide translations into many languages, record the song to all music networks in the world, such as Spotify, Amazon, etc., and we assign the song to the artist profile.


Subsequently, as a publisher, we provide regular control of the use of the recording throughout the world, both the use of the recording in the media and from public production, use in other works and especially the use on social networks and the Internet. Fees for such use are constantly collected from all over the world and paid to artists.


The possibility of licensing the recording is also a very important element. As part of our publishing, our publishing house actively offers music productions, managers, artists, advertising companies and all other organizations that use music for any artistic or advertising purpose to purchase a license for this work, ie a specific right of use. The owner of the recording thus provides additional income from his property rights.


Each music publisher assigns an original ISRC code to the recording (CZM082100107), which contains information about the recording and the rights of all the artists who participated in the recording. This code is important for the future distribution of money from the recording. We will assign an ISRC code to your recording immediately, and it is important that the ISRC code is included with the recording and passed on to the media, who then report it directly when paying the fees.

By publishing a recording without a registered ISRC code, artists are preparing to protect and monetize their recording.

To register the recording, we will also need information about the authors, artists and their contributions to the composition. It is important that the artists themselves register with the national administrator - in the Czech Republic it is Intergram - from which they will subsequently receive on their own account the fees provided by this administrator. We will of course help you with registration and other questions. Write to us at:



The registered composition must be  officially presented to the public. This is where the professional work of the publisher is important. At our publishing house in England, we will provide translations of information and lyrics into many languages, and we will register your song on hundreds of music servers and social networks to spread the music around the world, including label information and ISRC code. We will classify the song under the musical style for proper listing and introduce a selling price for downloading the recording on all servers in the world. The composition is presented with an original image on networks, phones, computers and televisions. We will automatically assign the song to the artist's accounts. Planning the release is also important, when we offer dates ideal for better distribution of the song.

Many artists believe that the song was released on Youtube or Spotify. It's a big mistake.

If you also publish a video clip for the song, we will also ensure its registration and release. Youtube is full of a lot of clips that have never been registered and the artists lose part of the fees. We will also provide you with additional registration and release.

Cooperation with a professional publishing house has many advantages that are not visible at first glance, but will have a significant effect on the result. Read on.

IMG_2337 2.jpeg

Andrew Murray

Nemoros has released more than 25 singles by the successful English musician and composer.


Pepa Vojtek

The well-known rocker collaborated with Electric Lady on the second part of the musical trilogy published by Nemoros.


Nigel Lowis

The famous composer from England with 14 million compilations also participated in compositions published by Nemoros.


Dali Mraz

Dalibor released his special album LEVEL25 with our agency Nemoros.


Foreign stars

Our international publishing house will serve young artists and foreign stars as well.


The goal of publishing a musical work is clearly to achieve success. Who would want to invest in their recordings if they should lie somewhere unnoticed. The music label includes many experienced collaborators, in our case from several countries, who will take care of your recording.


The success of a released song depends at the outset on the right settings, scheduling and placement in the right places. Our publishing house will also take care of such details as the correct playback of samples, the ideal time for publishing in the period of the smallest influx of competition, notification of news, etc.


Artists very often underestimate the preparation before releasing their composition. We will advise and possibly help with setting up the entire start.


Registration is important, but publishing work is profitable. Our publishing house provides you with monetization - that is, making money from your recording. We monitor the use, playback and collect fees from all over the world that you do not even know exist and will assign them to your ISRC code. Many artists mistakenly believe that their song is only for domestic audiences and will never show up abroad. In today's world of music and music availability, you might be very surprised where your music has been used. These fees are only available to you with a worldwide publisher.


An integral part of the publisher's rights control is your protection against misuse of your recording. In connection with the author's work, we will help license your recording and thus obtain additional income - see. Publishing.


It is necessary to continue working with the released recording. We can offer artists effective promotion, advertising, inclusion in major playlists and advise on how to work effectively with a song.


And if you want to get even further with your music, you can use any professional services of NEMOROS GROUP.

woman musician


Using our publishing services is very easy. Contact us, we will tell you everything we will need from you and we will arrange the release of music and video with all the above services. No complicated contracts, no percentages of your earnings!

100% of all art fees will remain for artists !!!

The music world with all the rights is complicated and we will advise you on how to proceed. We will also offer you other ways you can help your recordings succeed. So focus on your music and art and leave the publishing work to us. If you are interested, all other services of our international music agency are also available to you.


For any further questions, contact us at:

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