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Eastern European Centre of Fundamental Researchers (EECFR)

EECFR is an independent non-governmental organization created to unite the efforts of scientists from Central and Eastern Europe to promote sustainable development and to publish the results of basic and scientific and practical research.

The highest governing body of the East European Center for Basic Research is the Scientific Council, which includes scientists from various countries such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and others.


The headquarters of the East European Center for Basic Research is located in Prague (Czech Republic), the official representative of the center in the CIS countries is the Research Institute for Socio-Economic Development (

The Center supports future studies in the following priority areas:

1. Economy, public administration.

2. Philosophy, theology.

3. Pedagogy, psychology.

4. Medicine, dentistry.

5. Philology and linguistics.

6. Technical sciences

7. Sociocultural sciences.

Roman Rossi

Director of the innovation group "NEMOROS"

Honorary Doctor of Science from SRIED

Member of the academic council SRIED

Deputy Director for International Relations SRIED

President of the East European Center for Basic Research (EECFR)

The Eastern European Center for Basic Research (EECFR) under the leadership of its president R. Rossi has been involved in international scientific and educational projects in the Czech Republic and Eastern European countries for more than 10 years, helps in organizing annual international scientific and practical conferences, organizes additional training and internships at European universities for teachers from Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, etc., supports scientific research in the field of modern sciences, etc., helps to find partners for international grant programs, also actively develops mutually fruitful cooperation between the Czech Republic and the countries of Eastern Europe in the scientific and educational direction .

Modern Science - Moderní věda

General information about the magazine

The main goal of the magazine is to unite the scientific community, stimulate the development of scientific thinking, the free dissemination of scientific information and the exchange of knowledge for the development of modern social progress.

We publish original scientific works containing analytical theoretical conclusions and practical recommendationsin the following areas:


- Economics, public administration.

- Philosophy, theology.

- Pedagogy, psychology.

- Medicine, dentistry.

- Philology and linguistics.

- Technical science.

- Sociocultural sciences.


The collection is useful for scientists, postgraduate students, interns, researchers and applicants for higher education.


Editorial board:The anthology is composed of international experts whose professionalism ensures the high quality of the articles.


The magazine is publicly available , so we are placing the PDF format of the printed version of the magazine in the archive so that everyone can view it for free. individual articles are registered in the DOI system and easily searchable on the Internet.

The journal is financed exclusively from funds received from authors, such as fees for proofreading, editing, review and the entire cycle of processing, printing and distribution of the journal.

Publisher and Founder:

NEMOROS s.r.o. Prague, Czech Republic

Periodicals: 350 copies, 6 times a year

Registration: MK CR E 21453

First edition. 2014

Publication form: Printed form of the magazine

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"Modern Science"is an international scientific periodical that, in accordance with modern requirements, publishes the results of scientific research by scientists, the conclusions of scientific workers, postgraduate students and candidates for academic degrees. Use the links below to get more information and contact our editors.

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