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Here you will find an offer of real estate and other property offered for sale by our partners. It is always a direct sale from the owner. If you are interested, we will provide all additional information and secure an agreement between you and the owner on the sale. Choose below from the quick offer of property for sale 👇👇👇


Title 1

Family villa

A newly renovated family villa built according to the original project with garden lakes, its own wellness, recording studio, photovoltaic power plant and automated systems is offered exclusively for sale including all equipment and furniture for immediate living or business.

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Title 1

Sanatorium Ukraine

An extraordinary medical sanatorium project near the capital city of Kyiv is now offered for sale or co-partnership for completion and commissioning. The project is under construction in an unfinished state.


Title 1

Land Žatec

A lucrative plot of land right in the center of Žatec is offered for sale. The asphalt driveway is included in the price, the possibility of closing the plot, use for parking and any personal purposes.



Family villa SLAVKOV U OPAVY


Nabízíme exkluzivně k prodeji mimořádnou nemovitost. Jedná se o originální projekt k bydlení i k relaxaci, nebo k podnikání. Nemovitost se prodává jako komplexní celek s veškerým vybavením i nábytkem, okamžitě připravena k bydlení a k užívání.


     Celá nemovitost byla navržena a postavena s ohledem na dlouhodobé užívání, s možností pronájmů, "Airbnb" , trvalého bydlení. Nemovitost je výjimečná nejen použitými technologiemi, ale zejména v dnešní době důležitými parametry, jako je ekologie, tepelné i zvukové izolace, ekonomika a energetická soběstačnost. Nemovitost se prodává z důvodu stěhování majitele.


Basic information about the property:

Family house with outbuildings, no. 492, Village of Slavkov near Opava,

Ulice Osvobození 492, Moravskoslezský region

Total land area: 1,506 m2

Built-up area: 109 m2

Usable area and garden: 1,397 m2

Residential property:

Ground floor built-up area: 109.25 m2

First floor built-up area: 119.51 m2

Second floor - attic built-up area 44.20 m2

Total built-up area: 272.96 m2

Total built-up space: 734.52 m3

Part of the house is a fully covered living terrace: 99 m3


Other buildings:

Roof for 2 cars: 87 m3 - 42 m2

Wooden garden cottage: 8 m2, 17 m3

Wooden garden shed and hayloft: 4 m2, 11 m3

Sheet wood storage: 7 m2, 12 m3

Lakes with eco treatment plants: 70 m2, 80 m3

playground with safety surface: 68 m2

Outdoor garden hot tub for 6 people:

Anti-noise wall height 4 m, length 50 m

Sandpit and children's playground:



On this page  provides detailed information about the offered property and its equipment. We recommend that you read all the information one by one. You can use the links below to move between individual descriptions more quickly 👇👇👇



    Slavkov is a highly sought after building satellite of the administrative city of Opava, mainly because of its facilities, location and excellent accessibility. Currently, land and real estate for living in the village are sold out and market prices are in the range of CZK 2,600/m2 of land and CZK 13,000/m3 of building. The village has 2071 inhabitants and is located on the outskirts of the town of Opava, which is only 2 km away and adjacent to the protected landscape area of floodplain forests, sought after by tourists. Main road No. 46 Opava - Šternberk - Olomouc passes through the village and is adjacent to the main road leading through Fulnek to the D1 Ostrava - Prague highway. The municipality is served by the Opava public transport bus, long-distance buses and a train.


    The village has complete utilities, electricity, water, gas, sewage, telephone. In the place there are civic amenities, several restaurants, a kindergarten, a primary school 1-9 grades with a very good reputation, a grocery store, several modern playgrounds, a gym, a fitness center, a cultural center, a football field, a post office, a dentist and a health center. Only 2 km from the village is the shopping center of Opava, with the city of Opava offering several large shopping centers. The village is located between the Jeseníky and Beskydy mountain regions, providing year-round sports activities. Since the city of Opava has no heavy industry, this area is particularly sought after for its clean air and nature. The driving distance to the city of Ostrava is 25 km on the express route. From Opava, you can take the highway all the way to Prague.


The property in question is located in the northeastern part of the village on the edge of a floodplain forest and a forest playground, close to the Opava - Olomouc highway, right next to the bus stop. This is a very desirable suburban location for family living, where the development consists mainly of family houses. The city is accessible by car, public transport and on foot in a few minutes.


Obytný dům

The whole house was built according to its own original project, which from the beginning took into account the maximum economic use of the property. The house is oriented to the south so that all the inhabited rooms are illuminated by the sun throughout the day from east to west. On the north side of the house, there are corridors, sanitary facilities, a technical room and especially a pantry for food.


The dominant feature of the house is a large balcony across the entire width of the house, covered with its own roof and surrounded by a wooden Tyrolean railing with built-in custom boxes along the entire length of the balcony for growing geraniums and balcony flowers. The balcony is equipped with programmable automatic irrigation and sockets for any other equipment, Christmas lights, etc. In the gable of the house there is a cable with 12V power supply for an illuminated family coat of arms, company logo, etc.

All windows in the house are custom-made with upper arches, equipped with double glazing filled with argon gas. The windows ensure sufficient lighting of the interior spaces with an emphasis on minimal heat loss of the house. The special white edging of the windows gives the whole house a special look.

The roof is made of quality black Bramac concrete tiles, including the parking lot for vehicles.

The internal layout of individual rooms and corridors was designed with regard to the economic use of space and the social life of a large family. All corridors and staircases in the property, thanks to a special layout, take up only 20 m2 of the entire space on three floors, with ingenious convenient access to all rooms in the house. The space is thus maximally used for housing.



    The main dominant feature of the house is the common room connected to the kitchen on the ground floor with dimensions of 56 m2. The entire room was designed in such a way that people in the kitchen and in the living area are constantly in contact. The kitchen has been custom-built with a large volume, including built-in appliances, dishwasher, electric convection oven, gas ceramic hob with high-performance corner hood and enough space for all kitchen appliances, robots, microwave oven, etc. All appliances are in black color to support the orange-black design, including a large American fridge with freezer and an automatic ice maker with a fixed water connection.

    The dominant feature of the room is a special original aquarium built into the support column in the kitchen counter. The aquarium has a volume of 600 liters and is equipped with modern cleaning technologies for maximum maintenance-freeness, including special lighting imitating dawn, evening dimming, night reflection of the moon, automatic feeding of fish, etc.


    The living area is equipped with a large U-shaped sofa set with an electric drive for sitting and lying down and a pull-out double bed for any guests. Opposite the sofa set is a large corner fireplace and a wall of furniture, including a custom-made wooden tree and a large smart TV with 4K resolution and 3D function. The TV also includes a high-quality 5.1 home theater sound system with special speakers of a large frequency range and a three-meter electric screen with a digital projector for a real movie experience. The system makes it possible to watch all programs both on TV and on the projection screen for lovers of both film and quality music. The house is also equipped with two satellites for receiving all available programs and with satellite and fixed antenna signal distribution throughout the house.

The function of the fireplace here is not only aesthetic, but also serves to heat the entire house. The thermal hot air system distributes the heat generated by the fireplace throughout the house to the other two floors and thus ensures the heating of the entire house at the same time and the associated significant savings on gas heating. The living area also features a special wooden coffered mirror ceiling of original design. Wooden cassettes are interspersed with mirrors, and mirrors around the perimeter of the room also serve to reflect light. The living area does not have a chandelier, but powerful, economical spatial lighting around the entire perimeter of the ceiling, intimate lighting of windows and curtains, or just blue soft lighting of the furniture wall and the TV with fireplace.

    The living area has a large free space for social entertainment, whether by playing X-Box games, dancing, etc. Children especially appreciate the space for their games. From the living area there is also an entrance through double doors directly to the terrace of the house. Kitchen equipment, an aquarium with all equipment and fish, a home cinema and everything related to it, including a TV, are also part of the sale.