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In the current digital age, the work in the studio has also fundamentally changed. Much more emphasis is placed on clean recording and digital studio equipment. Music is often composed and recorded digitally, and the most important work on the final recording is the mix of the recording itself.

NMR records has just opened a new recording studio in Prague equipped according to the latest trends and ensuring the quality of the recording and especially its further processing, mixing and mastering. Experience the latest worldwide trend in Dolby Atmos surround recording exclusively at NMR Records.

People don't just come to us to record, we also create new music focused on the foreign market and modern trends.

STUDIO NMR records

Our newly opened studio in the center of Prague is different.

It is located just a few minutes from the National Museum on Wenceslas Square. Not only your performances are recorded here. Here we work with artists on their best work, together we create a modern sound, ideal arrangements, help with composing music and create original mixes. Our studio is not for rent. In it, you create a new piece of music together with a music producer who, in addition to making a recording, can also help you with its release, monetization and other important steps. These are comprehensive services that you won't find anywhere else.

A recording is only as good as the artist. But you can do much more with professional music production.


We are not in a hurry, we emphasize the best result

The studio offers a very pleasant home environment and privacy, important to deliver the best artistic performance. The studio can be set to any atmosphere at any time of the day to make the artist feel at his best. Because our studio is mainly about collaboration, it is set up in such a way that the artist and the producer can see very well what they are doing and can effectively intervene in the entire recording process. Here, the artist is not rushed, the best possible result is created here.

Send us a reservation with a description of what studio work you need and in what date. We'll get back to you right away and sort everything out with you and plan to your satisfaction.


At first glance, it is obvious that this is no ordinary recording studio. The studio is adapted not only for music recordings, but especially for composing and creating music, film music and the processing of films, videos and music clips and is ideal for radio spots, podcasts , interviews and dubbing .

The studio's equipment allows you to test listening to music in different environments, and we process both the highest quality recordings at 192 KHz and those edited for social networks, Spotify, YouTube, radio and TV.



The studio is equipped with several sound systems from Hi-Fi, Dolby Surround to state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos with perfect surround sound with 7.4.1 speakers



We record only on professional and proven studio microphones of the best brands. The quality and cleanliness of the initial recording is very important.



The recording studio is perfectly sound balanced for quality recording of acoustic instruments and vocals. Branded musical instruments available.



The studio is equipped with extensive libraries of high-quality recordings of musical instruments, from branded drum kits, through guitars, pianos and wind instruments to the entire philharmonic



The studio is equipped with the best professional GENELEC studio monitors, ensuring perfect listening to recordings and mixes for all platforms and environments.

In our recording studio, we will not only make a high-quality recording of your musical and singing performance, but you will always make the recording with the participation of a music producer . We will help you put together the recording as best as possible, we will help you create a range and musical background from beats to the entire philharmonic and we will create the entire music mix according to your ideas with the best possible result and also focusing on the target group.

IMG_2555 2_edited.jpg

25 world hits were created in the studio in collaboration with top English producer and composer Andrew Murray.


The spectacular piece of music by the artist Electric Lady, which became famous in the world and won an award in the UK, was created completely in our studio.


A recording from our studio achieved a historic success in the Czech Republic, which took fifth place in the UK charts.


The group Rybičky 48 also used our recording studio, including all the comforts offered, for their weekly concentration.

Discover the wonderful world of digital audio and its use for your perfect recordings

Snímek obrazovky 2024-04-10 v 21.25.44.png


With digital processing, every sound can be placed in the environment exactly where it is needed. We will transfer your recordings to a concert hall, a cathedral, or teach them to breathe in the mood of the recording.

Snímek obrazovky 2024-04-10 v 21.28.24.png


You digitally remove noises, noises, knocks and other disturbing elements from your recordings that are undesirable on your recording. This way you can save recordings that can no longer be recorded again.

Snímek obrazovky 2024-04-10 v 21.30.04.png

Gramophone records

We repair old records from gramophone records, remove crackling and disturbing sounds. You will be able to enjoy old recordings from records in the best possible quality again.

Snímek obrazovky 2024-04-10 v 21.42.11.png


Even your music recordings or family videos can work like a Hollywood movie if you use our special film sound processing.

Snímek obrazovky 2024-04-10 v 21.50.24.png


We will mix individual audio tracks for you in 3D space and you will get a fantastic listening to music or a perfect impression of your movie.

The basis of any success is COLLABORATION. This is doubly true in music.


English musician, composer and recording studio owner Paul Bond


director of the international music TV channel RMB.


English composer, pianist and music producer Andrew Murray


Musician and composer Michal David


English composer Nigel Lowis has signed a 20-year collaboration with NMR records

Individualism hardly leads to the desired success. The best musical works on the music market have always been created in cooperation between musicians and producers and other composers. Cooperation with other music professionals here and abroad ensures not only a much better result, but also a significant chance of achieving the expected success. Ask us about the possibility of cooperation with Czech and foreign composers and producers in our studio in Prague, cooperation during recording in your studio, or perhaps recording in England.



In addition to standard stereo recording, we also process Dolby surround sound recordings for film and video and, as a complete novelty, we provide music surround recordings according to the latest world trend in the Dolby Atmos system. Prestigious music platforms on the Internet are already dealing with this new trend affecting the music industry.

Dolby Atmos, otherwise known as 3D sound, is a revolutionary system that has nothing to do with commonly known home theaters and surround systems. Digital sound processing makes it possible to place the sound anywhere in the space around the listener, i.e. not only to the sides and back, but also upwards. The listener of a Dolby Atmos recording can thus enjoy a concert of their favorite band as if they were there live, as well as a private concert where they can sit in the middle among the musicians. Dolby Atmos is no longer just for film, but is now very widespread for listening to music, and many famous artists are already making these recordings, or remaking old ones.

Foreign professional studios comment on Dolby Atmos, as a phenomenal space for music for a completely new musical experience. As a result, individual instruments can use much wider frequency bands without clipping and limiting, providing the natural sound of each instrument and the faithful listening of a real recording.

The revolutionary Dolby Atmos system does not process individual music channels for each speaker, but processes the entire space with up to 36 speakers in one audio track. Processing in one track thus allows this demanding sound system to be distributed routinely over networks and played even on phones. It is enough to have a Dolby Atmos decoder and it will take care of the correct sound reproduction according to your listening place and the number of speakers, i.e. from fully equipped cinemas to headphones connected to your phone.

Experience a new dimension of sound on your own recordings. Use technology that is becoming the standard in the world. Are you interested in this technology? Take advantage of our workshops, including this topic.


The cooperation will be officially launched at a special workshop on April 12 in Prague with the participation of the owner of Bloodstream radio. Special terms of cooperation with the radio for Czech musicians will also be announced at this workshop

Liverpool-based English radio is now working with our recording studio NMR records. Interviews for the radio are filmed right in our studio in Prague, we process the recordings in the ideal radio format for rotation on the radio or participation in the hit parade, and we represent radio for the entire Czech Republic. Getting radio attention is very difficult for musicians and there is a big opportunity in international radio with over a million listeners.

Even the best song won't become a hit without media support.

Soon you will find out a lot more information right here on this page. Watch us.


Our studio is not only used for making recordings, but also for imparting experience and training singers, musicians and music producers and managers. In any field, education is the basis of success, which is why our studio offers special educational workshops that you won't find anywhere else. All our workshops are organized with professional lecturers and experts from the world of music, not only from the Czech Republic, but also abroad.

You want to be the best. So learn from the best like we do.

During our many years of activity, we learned the art of music from masters in many countries and we still cooperate with foreign producers, composers and music professionals. We are now passing on our experience in our workshops.

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