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Ethical policy of the publication

On this page we present the rules of ethics essential for the publication articles in the professional journal "Modern SCience - Modern science", published by NEMOROS s.r.o. under registration MK CR E 21453.

We emphasize that all parties to the editorial process must adhere to the ethical rules for publication in this journal, listed below.

Authors of the article they must be sure that their article meets the specified requirements, because in the event of a violation, the editorial board will act in accordance with the rules of COPE, which may be the basis for taking one of the following decisions:

- refusal to publish the article;

- sending a message about the need to correct the sent materials;

It is forbidden to use any forms of plagiarism in the article (verbatim copying, self-plagiarism or paraphrasing, retelling near the text without reference to the work and its author). You can read more about plagiarism in the COPE rules.


Every article is automatically checked for plagiarism. The editors reserve the right to independently determine the format of the author's communication regarding detected violations (usually descriptively using links to published materials or pages). Full inspection reports are not sent (this is contrary to international practice).


Procedure for assessing allegations of plagiarism in relation to published articles:

If the editors receive an accusation of plagiarism in an already published article, we always investigate the issue in detail before making a decision and let you know what to do next. In addition, we may not discuss the situation of alleged plagiarism with third parties and we reserve the right not to take any further action if the complainant is anonymous or acts inappropriately in accordance with applicable legal regulations and towards members of the editorial board or employees of the magazine.

At the same time, the editors of the magazine warn the authors before verbatim copying, self-plagiarism and paraphrasing of the text without references to the author. We also ask you to avoid manipulation of citations (i.e. excessive self-citations or inappropriate citations that go beyond the content of the article. And also in cases of forced citation, when you are forced to add a citation to your article, please contact the journal editors directly. We also emphasize that it is not double publishing is allowed. The article must be original and unpublished.

Creating data is also not allowed, you must present the results of your own research, obtained theoretically or empirically. Forging or borrowing research data is unacceptable.


If reviewers are in doubt about the veracity of the data provided by the authors, the editors may request to obtain primary information. If, as a result of investigation, we do not receive sufficient confirmation of the accuracy of the data, we reserve the right to reject the article and take further action in accordance with COPE guidelines.


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