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Workshops and courses organized by our production group are intended for all singers, musicians, artists, music groups, music composers, as well as for musician managers, frontmen and cultural workers with a focus on music and audiovisual production.

Workshops and training are always conducted by professional experts from the field, both from the Czech Republic and from abroad , in order to pass on current know-how to the participants

W orkshops are organized individually for individuals or public for small groups, in the premises of our studio or as agreed with the client.

NEW DEADLINE 11. a   12/04/2024

studio Vinohradská Prague
17.00 - 20.00

Want more from music?

Want to get your music on the radio?

Do you want to collaborate on a level?

Want an expert opinion on your music from a producer?

Do you want to get your music abroad?

Want to advance your music career?

Come on... we know what to do

Experienced producer Roman Rossi will accompany you through the workshop not only with valuable advice and experience from the music industry - both from the world - and from our music scene. Special guests at the workshop will be Brian Harris - a producer from England who works with artists all over the world and helps them apply. Martin Harynda, owner of the English-Czech radio station Bloodstream, will also take part in the workshop . Take advantage of the unique opportunity of this extraordinary workshop with the participation of foreign guests from the UK. The workshop will be packed with the information you need and you will get the opportunity to ask the right experts in person.

Meet in person an international music producer with many successes abroad

Meet in person the owner of a radio station with a million listeners based in Liverpool

Meet the manager and record producer from London in person


- Why get recordings on the radio and when it makes sense

- How to get a recording on the radio

- What is a radio friendly recording

- Interview with the owner of the successful Bloodstream Radio

- Fair Music Chart and how to get there

- Analysis of your recording and evaluation

- International publishing and Publishing and their relationship to radio

- How to get abroad

- Interview with an international producer from London

- Basic structure on the road to success

- Answers to participants' questions


CZK 2,500/ person


Depending on your needs, you can choose from any existing workshops and courses listed on this page and arrange individual dates. You can also follow the announcement of public workshops here on the page, or fill out the form below and you will receive information by email. You can also use Promo vouchers for yourself or as a gift or arrange special workshops with our production according to your needs.


Here you will find the most used workshops and training courses that you can order at any time. The date of the workshop is negotiated individually according to your needs throughout the year. If you are interested in a group workshop, send us a request with a date and we will schedule you with other interested parties. Just fill out the form under the "ORDER" button and we will contact you.

For music bands, we recommend the popular "Manager's Day" with a producer.



LENGTH: 6 hours

All-day meeting of a musician or music groups with a producer in a home environment, ideally in their own rehearsal room. Do you have many questions that you are looking for answers to? This is an ideal opportunity:

- a comprehensive introduction to musical creation

- analysis of individual songs

- evaluation of the activity

- truths and myths of the music scene

- answers to all music topics

- radios, networks, management and booking

- visual, branding and choreography

- labels, promoters, management

- setting the next steps to achieve success


10,000 CZK


LENGTH: 3 hours

A highly sought after workshop for musicians and bands focusing on using social media for the music industry. Quick and detailed instruction.

- How networks and different types of advertising work

- Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

- How to properly set up and evaluate advertising

- differences in advertising in the media and on networks

- How to properly target your ad

-Individual workshop can be adapted as needed


CZK 6,000

GROUP (5 people)

2,000 CZK/pers



LENGTH: 4 hours

Writing your own song seems easy, but making it a hit is a job for a producer. In our workshop, learn to look at your music from the outside and become a producer of your songs under our guidance.

- Bring your instrument, lyrics or recorded tracks to the studio and give them a modern style and sound with our help

- With the help of a producer, you edit and arrange your musical ideas according to the song's intention (radio, live performance,...)

- You will learn how to properly present your work

- ideal before finishing songs or before recording them in the studio.


CZK 6,000

GROUP (3 people)

2,700 CZK/pers


LENGTH: 2 hours

You have dreams and ambitions to take it much further. This special workshop is aimed at applying musicians abroad from A to Z under the guidance of an experienced international music producer.

- How to set up a band for a foreign market

- How to make music

- What a musician should look like

- International publishing house, publishing, etc.

- Social networks and what you really need

- Myths and truth about foreign labels

- How to choose the right path from multiple options

- Cooperation with foreign agents and much more


CZK 4,000

GROUP (5 people)

1,500 CZK/pers


LENGTH 2 hours

A very popular test in the studio with the participation of a music producer. Most frequently used by singers and solo musicians . Let yourself be tested to see how you are doing.

- Bring your musical instrument or background music

- You create a live studio recording and break it down with the producer

- Advice from an experienced music and singing coach.

- How to properly record in the studio

- ideal for pre-recording singers


3,500 CZK

GROUP (3 people)

1,700 CZK/pers


DÉLKA 3 hod.

Are you going to shoot a clip or promotional videos? Come and ask how to achieve your goal.

- music videos are completely different

- How not to throw money out the window

- How to build a working storyboard and clip focus

- We will help you set up a video usage plan and goal

- Focus and target group

- Youtube and social networks, media

- An individual workshop allows you to work with your specific project

- The training is conducted by a professional with many millions of views on his clips and the author of scripts awarded abroad.


CZK 6,000

GROUP (5 people)

2,000 CZK/pers


Individual teaching courses are intended for individuals with regular visits. The date and time are determined individually according to the needs of the client and are set according to current skills. These courses cannot be taken in groups. To order or ask questions, just fill out the form under the "ORDER" button and we will contact you.


The first two hours include a comprehensive lesson on working with the voice, a singing test and setting up the teaching program - i.e. basic singing know-how. Subsequently, individual lessons are already taking place according to the client's abilities, focused on improving the technique. The lessons, as desired, also include the teaching of specific compositions, preparation for exams or concerts, working with a microphone, etc. The scope of the teaching is adapted to the client as needed.

Location: Recording studio NMR records, Prague center

PRICE: CZK 2,000/first course, CZK 700/hour for other courses



Professional guitarist and player of the IBANEZ brand with the stage name Electric Lady offers comprehensive lessons in playing the electric guitar of various musical styles, Rock, Funky, etc. from the basics to professional turns. Individual teaching is adjusted according to the needs and abilities of the client.

Location: NMR records recording studio

PRICE: CZK 800/hour


Under the guidance of a music producer, you can learn different musical styles on stringed instruments such as acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin , ukulele. The teaching is specially focused on quick mastery of the instrument and a creative way of playing. The courses do not include learning to play according to notes and scores, but are mainly focused on technique and mastering a tool for creative creation.

Location: NMR records recording studio

PRICE: CZK 800/hour

Teacher Giving Guitar Lessons_edited.jpg


Artists and musicians have many questions important for their future. An experienced international music producer can answer these questions. Our agency provides a very wide range of assistance to artists, and in addition to the above-mentioned courses, it is possible to arrange any individual cooperation with our producer. The most used is the so-called Manager's Day. Find out more about our production under this link: 👉 PRODUCTION

The best way to save time and money is to learn not to make mistakes from the experts who have made them for you.

To receive regular information, just fill out the form below. If you have any questions for us, use the link: Write to us.


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Two of our specialists are now training in England for 2 weeks in the field of sound processing and digitization. They will continue to pass on their new knowledge in our workshops and courses. We thank the Ministry of Culture and NPO for their support and help in financing this very expensive event.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union

Our lecturer - Electric Lady artist, singer, composer and guitarist is now gaining new experience under the guidance of English masters in London. 

He passes on his life experiences to artists as part of our teaching courses.

As early as October 2023, we are preparing an extraordinary workshop on the use of music recordings in Dolby Atmos surround sound, led by certified Dolby experts from England. Follow our site!

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