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Musicians, singers, composers, stop groping and take your future into your own hands.

Many questions

You do everything for the love of music, you played many concerts, wrote several album of songs and suddenly find yourself spending more time searching for a path to success than the music you love so much?

Do you dream of big stages, of your music on the radio, of concerts, do you long for recognition or just to spread your music to all people?

Why can't people appreciate you? Why are you doing this music wrong? Can't you play or sing enough good?


Mostly you just you put wrong questions and you don't get answers. Do not search and ask us.


Finding the solution

Your composing skills remain stored in a drawer because no one is interested in your music.


You have to watch other artists reap success while not even achieving your qualities.


You have already released 4 albums and yet no one is paying attention to you.


You spend hundreds of hours in the rehearsal room and yet you play more for friends.


You paid for studio recordings and yet no one listens to them.


You keep sending your recordings to the radio and they still don't play you.


You wonder if the music makes any sense when it doesn't lead anywhere and you want to give it up and do more meaningful things.


You're putting too much effort into something that doesn't work, and that needs to change.


Because we are here for you. We also searched here correct cetu and over the past 15 years we have invested millions in music production. We have gained a lot of very expensive experience and   we can offer cooperation today, thanks to which you will avoid on your journey useless and expensive bugs. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding the music scene, and we'll let you avoid them. Co we offer?

Management and production consulting

Professional training and education just for you

Recording studio with the help of a music producer

Copyright creation and protection worldwide

Film studio with services from the script to the release of the clip

Utilizing a rich network professional and media contacts

Targeted network management with a focus on the music industry

A music label with a worldwide reach

We know how your music can make money

 . . . . this is just a basic enumeration   of our offer.Glad to we will connect with you and together we will figure out how we could help you.


74 million views

The most watched music video called "You are my medicine" breaks records. The recording, screenplay, video clip, production and PR were completely provided by the NEMOROS agency.


Trilogies 2020

Electric Lady released her most successful music project to date, fully produced by the Nemoros agency. This was followed by a concert tour po Europe and participation in the Global Rock Summit in the USA.


Successes in the Philippines

Music recordings from the NEMOROS studio are reaping success and have been sold worldwide. The last time the Christmas single "Still Love Christmas" was licensed in the Philippines.


The largest press conference

In January 2020, Nemoros organized it  so far  biggest  a press conference with a record attendance of journalists and TV and with the support of music stars from the Czech Republic and several other countries.


Opera artist and director of the Voice of the Czech Republic, Moravia and Silesia music competition


 Dipl. um. Ilona REDLOVÁ 

I have been working with the Nemoros agency for the third year already. I value professionalism as well as keeping my word. Which is most valuable nowadays. It always had beautiful and valuable prizes for the winners of our singing competition, and for some of them, cooperation with this agency was a stepping stone to fulfilling their dreams. Many thanks to the director of this agency, Roman Rossi.

Composer, singer and guitarist known as



  Tereza RAYS  

After 15 years, I found the first music agency that not only promises, but acts! I appreciate excellent managerial skills and leadership, I am very grateful for opportunities and results that I would never achieve myself. Ave Nemoros 😀

Rock singer of the band KABÁT and musical actor



Throughout our collaboration, Roman Rossi seemed like a relaxed person to me, who always acted like an absolute pro. What we said was true, and I especially appreciate it today. That is why I agreed to another cooperation, which I look forward to.


Roman and NEMOROS put their trust in my projects and helped me start them. The DrumTrainer project would not have existed without his help. It means a lot to me.

Composer, drummer and founder of the Drum-Trainer drum school

  Dalibor FROST  


What will it cost?

You can't buy fame and success anywhere. Unfortunately, we do not have a price list for that. But you can use our professional services to help you with this.

We offer recording studio in attendance a music producer, studio tests for singers and musicians and many packages of special services at unbeatable prices that we tailor to artists. Many services are free as part of cooperation.

But it is not important how much services you have, but how many do you really need? We will teach you how to manage your career and everything related to it yourself. Use only what you cannot handle yourself.

Our professional experience will allow you not to waste time or money and go directly to your goal. And the best ones can eventually get a production contract with our agency.

Connect with us, advise  about your problems and together we will find the ideal way to solve them.


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