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The term Publishing, or Music Publishing, does not cover its literal translation of "publishing", but registration and copyright protection. KOBALT is one of the world's leading copyright companies.


The basic element is the registration and protection of copyright. The composition is checked for previously registered copyrights of other persons and is subsequently registered in the KOBALT catalog as an author's work. Effective protection of this work then ensures that the work cannot be misused or used free of charge by another entity without the consent of the author.


Subsequently, the Publisher ensures regular control of the use of the author's work throughout the world, both in terms of mechanical rights and in use for covers, use in other works and especially use on social networks and the Internet. Fees for such use are constantly collected from all over the world and paid to the author.


A very important element is the subsequent licensing of the song. Publisher actively offers music productions, managers, artists, advertising companies, and all other organizations that use music for any artistic or advertising purpose to purchase a license for that work, a distinct right to use. The author of the composition thus provides additional income from his copyrights.

Roman Rossi
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Music Publisher, Producer and Studio Engineer

Screenwriter and director

Honorary Doctor of Science at the NKU

Member of the SRIED Scientific Council

SRIED Deputy Director for International Relations

President of the Eastern European Research Center (EECFR)

Certified speaker of international scientific conferences


He is the founder of the music agency Nemoros. Thanks to very good foreign relations in Western and Eastern countries, it connects these musical worlds and offers extraordinary opportunities to artists from the Czech Republic. He also became the first international Publisher in the Czech Republic under the KOBALT brand, which actively offers registration and licensing of music in the KOBALT catalog to composers of all countries.

The Eastern European Center for Basic Research (EECFR), led by its President R. Rossi, has been involved in international scientific and educational projects in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe for more than 8 years, helping to organize annual international scientific and practical conferences, organizing advanced training and internships at European universities, supports scientific research in the field of modern sciences.



A music author without a Publisher is like a fish without water in the world. Talent for composing music needs to be sold, and the Publisher can do it best. All the more so when he is a professional with a global reach. It is an important collaboration leading to success.


Publisher will provide the author with functional protection of his copyright work against copying and misuse. By registering the work, the author is already assured of its ownership worldwide.


The publisher will ensure the collection of all copyright fees worldwide, whether the song has been used on radio, advertising, at concerts, or just on the Internet, for example under home video.


The publisher will provide an offer of the author's work for licensing, ie it will provide income for the composer for the official use of the work. In addition to providing interesting income, licensing also raises awareness of the author and increases his chances of success.


The publisher will also collect royalties from the organizers of concerts and events. That is why Publishing is also important for musicians and music groups that play their own creative work.


¨In the case of the Nemoros agency, the Publisher also ensures mutual cooperation of the authors among themselves and direct cooperation with the author on the requested works. The author thus has the opportunity to participate in musical commissions and a much higher chance of licensing his works.


The publisher provides the author with an overview of the success of his musical works in the world and thus helps to direct the author's work to success.


As part of the licensing of copyrighted works, he very often licenses the finished recording, ie the master. The publisher is also important for recording studios, publishers and owners of recording masters, who are also licensed to provide their owners with additional income.

Sheet Music Over Piano
Publish your works with us

Getting your Publisher is not easy and most Publishers deal with successful and famous composers with whom they are sure of success. Since Publishing Nemoros is a music agency that has been helping talented people throughout its existence, there is a unique opportunity to register your compositions with KOBALT Music Publishing, where the works of the world's most famous musicians and composers are registered. In this way, the compositions gain not only the benefits of Publishing, but also an interesting prestige.

To register compositions with NEMOROS-KOBALT, simply contact the Nemoros agency and send samples of the compositions you are interested in registering. If the Publisher agrees to register them, the next process is simple and completely free!

Any musical work of any genre, songs, compositions, jingles can be registered. Demo recordings can also be registered. However, for greater success, we recommend a high-quality recording, preferably a finished master.

We will be happy to inform you of all the conditions on our

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