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We have been professionally involved in the music industry and advertising since 2006. We now offer our rich experience from cooperation with important companies in the Czech Republic and abroad to artists.

Being successful in the music industry requires education and the right information is invaluable. Get rid of myths and set your path correctly with our help. We will teach you how to handle most of the music production yourself.

Of course, our work also includes a recording studio with all professional services, including quality production. Many musicians from the Czech Republic and abroad have already used our studio to create new works of art. And all this with the help and participation of a music producer.


Even this industry cannot do without investment, but with us you will not invest your time and money unnecessarily and without results. We supply artists with only what they really need and help them set up their schedule efficiently. Read  below. . .


Working with an experienced music producer is always a great benefit for any artist. A music producer can fundamentally influence an artist's creation, his view of the musical world, and in almost all cases such a collaboration results in a new piece of music, adapted to the current musical trend and   properly focused on the goal the artist wants to achieve. And it is not only about music, but also about image, self-presentation, correct setting of the artistic path and other very important factors for the success of an artist.

You usually won't find a music producer in a recording studio, and that's why our agency offers the creation of recordings always with the participation of the producer and many other beneficial services:

Manager's day- The ideal start of cooperation with a producer is a personal meeting best with the whole band. This one-day concentration is important for getting to know the band thoroughly, analyzing the music, goals and musical performances and obtaining answers to many questions that weigh on musicians. The goal is to get rid of myths and half-truths about the music sector and set the band up for further activity. Many bands use this management day repeatedly under favorable conditions.

Studio test- Two hours in the recording studio spent with the producer. During two trial recordings, the musician or the entire band will receive clear answers to their work, singing and musical skills, and the producer's recommendations for further development. Studio test is repeatedly used especially by singers to verify their development.

Studio production- You can use the help of our music producer not only to make a recording, but also when composing a new piece of music, or help with recording in any other recording studio. The producer's assistance is a guarantee of obtaining the best possible recording and new work in current trends.

Artistic exams- For both the band and the artist, there is nothing better than seeing their presentation through independent eyes. Even more so when it comes to a professional from the music industry. Cooperation with being a producer is a direct path to professional performances, which fundamentally influence the interest in the artist's concerts.


​Music show preparation- Every artistic performance has to be a great show, and that requires knowledge that most musicians lack. The music producer will discuss the goals and focus with you a then help invent and put together a professional show, including image, technical background, lights and effects. Our agency offers comprehensive service, programming and technical support.

Individual cooperation- Want help with your new music project? Are you interested in a broader or long-term cooperation? Are you interested in working abroad? Then tell us your ideas and requirements and we will discuss options tailored for you. 

Specialized workshops- You can also choose from our offer of group and individual workshops, focused on individual professional parts of the music industry. No scholar fell from the sky, and the more you know, the closer you are to your success. 

Production - In all videos shot by one person without a film crew, you will find many mistakes that cannot be avoided. Whether it's bad make-up, bad clothes, bad scenery, a microphone without a connected cable and many already chronically known mistakes. Our production worker makes sure that everyone is properly dressed, properly made up, that they don't have lipstick on their collar and other problems. At the same time, he also takes care of the smooth progress of filming, preparation of all actors for the scene and order during filming. The work of an experienced production worker is invaluable when you demand quality and we offer only professionals.

 We offer all services comprehensively, or each separately according to your needs. Many times we have assisted during filming just as a screenwriter or director and always a much better result was achieved. Tell us your intentions and needs and we will offer you the necessary service.


The recording studio is no longer just for recording. Most of the work on the final recording is done after the physical recording with proper mixing and final master. Today's modern music in our digital age and the use of current sounds requires the most attention when mixing your recording. That is why our studio is also equipped with professional libraries with high-quality recordings and sounds for modern music.

A recording is only as good as the artist. But you can do much more with professional music production.

In our recording studio, we will not only make a high-quality recording of your musical and singing performance, but you will always make the recording with the participation of a music producer. We will help you put together the recording as best as possible, we will help you create the musical background from beats to the entire philharmonic and we will create the entire music mix according to your ideas with the best possible result.  

We also provide the possibility of musical preparation and consultation before the actual recording, singing and recording tests, editing of live recordings, repair of damaged recordings, etc.



Editing Studio provides a huge selection of professional sound libraries and plugins



We record on proven brand microphones with the highest quality



The recording studio is perfectly sound-balanced for recording acoustic instruments and vocals.



High-quality digital recordings of instruments from branded drum kits, through guitars and pianos to the Philharmonic



Preparation is more important than recording itself and we will prepare you professionally in the studio.

IMG_2555 2_edited.jpg

In the Nemoros studio, 25 world hits were created in cooperation with the top English producer and composer Andrew Murray.


The spectacular musical work of the artist Electric Lady, which became famous in the world, was completely created in our Nemoros studio.


The Czech Republic's historic success was achieved by a recording from the Nemoros studio, which took fifth place in the UK charts.


The group Rybičky 48 also used the Nemoros recording studio, including all the comforts offered, for their weekly training session.


If you've decided to make a name for yourself in the music industry, you definitely can't do without film support. Audio-visual creation is currently in high demand and popular, and it is not good to underestimate it. However, the connection between filmmaking and the music industry has its own special demands and specifics. Our rich experience in audio-visual production here and abroad will help you achieve your goal much better and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Videos for social networks, recordings of concerts, advertising and promotional videos, make-offs and recordings of the musician's work, personal medallions, fan videos, spots and trailers and last but not least, of course, official music video clips, all of this can be professionally conceived, processed and to deliver including other important services such as rights registration, official release with monetization and video related advertising.

Or learn from professionals how to do it yourself correctly. We organize group and individual workshops focused on this special creation.


For artists, a very underrated part of their musical career. But a very important part from the point of view of managers, promoters and labels you need. Public Relation is very specific in the music industry and many advertising agencies offer PR to artists with poor results and it is too expensive an experience. We know what we are talking about, we had to lose a lot ourselves before we learned to do it differently. The artist must be seen and arouse the interest of the public, which is why we always combine PR with targeted advertising and work on networks.

* We will help with the preparation before the campaign itself

* We will ensure quality materials and media outputs

* We analyze the current situation in the media

* We will ensure participation in monitored media events

We will negotiate appearances in public media, radio, TV

* We will organize a special press conference

* We will ensure the writing and publication of many articles and press releases

* We will also provide media outlets abroad as needed

We will set up and manage campaigns on your networks

* We will help you achieve much better numbers

* We will design customized PR and manage it in the long term

Even the best song won't become a hit without media support.



Interviews and reports with targeted content for selected TV   programs, radio and multimedia.


Video reports

Professionally processed and focused reports for social networks and offers.



Articles in print and online media, press releases for the media.


Press conferences

Organization of press conferences and cultural events with the participation of journalists, television and media.



Professional photography, banner ads, news and targeted social media ads.

Every step taken in PR and advertising must have a clear goal and purpose. Before launching the PR, we will discuss and propose the goals and purpose of the entire campaign in order to achieve the greatest possible effect and to make the content of the campaign interesting enough for the public and the media. For the best effect, further preparation must be done before starting the campaign, so consult with us about your needs well in advance.


All artists come to us with many questions to which they are looking for answers and that is why we have prepared for you thematic workshops that can answer the most frequent questions. Visit our workshop offerings page and choose a topic that interests you. You can order workshops directly from us and arrange a suitable date. But if you are looking for much broader answers, take advantage of the meeting with the producer.

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