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Nemoros established cooperation in Russia


Producer Roman Rossi in TV studio Russian Music Box in Moscow

The month of June 2017 entered the history of the international agency NEMOROS in bold. International relations with Russian-speaking countries are nothing new for the directors and founders of Nemoros. In the past, he has organized several international visits and for his services he received an honorary doctorate in science from the National University of Kiev. However, this visit to Moscow was very important for the development of international relations in the music sphere.


"Music does not depend on the country, the language or the political situation," says Roman Rossi, the agency's director. "Why should we be afraid to establish international cooperation in music, when music has no boundaries?"


In Moscow, Nemoros had many important meetings with artists, musicians, composers, corporate parties with music stars in a few days and opened a branch in Moscow.

The most important part of the visit to Moscow was a meeting with representatives of the International Music TV Channel Russian Music Box. With the director Natália Palinová and her excellent work team, the Nemoros agency concluded an agreement on long-term cooperation in the field of music. During the several-day visit, she became acquainted with the operation of television, filming and processing programs, and met many successful artists who collaborated with the TV channel. Establishing this cooperation is an essential step towards the further development of international relations.

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