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Collaboration of the Czech Republic and the UK, Nemoros and Andrew Murray


Producer Roman Rossi from the Czech Republic and composer Andrew Murray from the UK

English composer and music producer Andrew Murray first met the Nemoros agency during the creation of the new music project United5, for which he also wrote their first songs. It was the beginning of a great and long-term cooperation. The two producers, Andrew Murray from England and Roman Rossi from the Czech Republic, understood each other very well in terms of musical opinions, and thus great musical works were created through their joint efforts,

In cooperation with the English mixing master Pascal Magdinier   two separate albums with pop rock compositions were born in the recording studio NEMOROS. It was originally intended for the Czech music group U5, who also sang it, but subsequently the compositions were used for other singers and today they are licensed worldwide through NEMOROS - KOBALT Publishing.

Andrew Murray liked the Czech Republic very much, so it was very often possible to see him in Prague and he did not avoid the attention of the media either. 

"It was great to work with such a musical master" says composer and producer Roman Rossi - director of the NEMOROS agency. "The exchange of experiences and musical opinions is the best thing that can happen to a composer. Thanks to such cooperation, we are gradually erasing the boundaries, and only music can do that"


Thanks to this cooperation, the NEMOROS agency is today the owner of more than 30 original songs, and this cooperation was only the beginning of further interest abroad. Through NEMOROS, Andrew Murray met Czech and Slovak artists and created joint musical works with many of them. Therefore, Andrew Murray will forever remain written in the history of the international music agency NEMOROS.


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