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Producer Roman Rossi at a meeting at KOBALT


Music Publishing - KOBALT is part of the large KOBALT Music Group. It is one of the most important companies in the world in the field of copyright registration, protection and especially music licensing and collection of royalties. Thanks to special technologies, KOBALT can process trillions of transactions from all over the world and provide music authors with a reliable collection of fees around the world.

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News and updates

Nemoros signed a contract with KOBALT Publishing

Since 2014, NEMOROS has developed very intensively international relations in the field of music with Great Britain. He has made many personal visits to music labels, producers and composers in London and Liverpool.


In collaboration with English composers and producers, new music projects were created in the production of NEMOROS, new international singles and even several albums were created in the NEMOROS studio.


However, the signing of a contract with KOBALT is considered to be the greatest success in the history of NEMOROS. NEMOROS thus became a part of KOBALT and at the same time the first worldwide publisher in the Czech Republic. Copyright protection and music licensing worldwide under the auspices of KOBALT Publishing has opened up new possibilities for all music authors cooperating with the NEMOROS agency, not only from the Czech Republic, but worldwide.