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Real bonus 2017 in MOSCOW




Producer Roman Rossi and director of the TV channel Russian Music Box in Moscow Natalia Palinova

For several days, the NEMOROS agency enjoyed visiting Moscow, meeting with personalities and artists of the Russian scene, as well as great Russian hospitality. The level of organization and the quality of the prepared show under the leadership of TV RMB was at a fantastic level.

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News and updates

The international friendship between the music agency NEMOROS from Prague and music producers from Russia is deepening.

The NEMOROS agency was very happy to accept the invitation of Natalia Palinová, director of the international music TV channel Russian Music Box, to participate in the prestigious awarding of the best artists of the year in Moscow, called "Real Prize".

In the KROKUS CITY concert hall in Moscow, awards are presented annually to artists in all musical categories under the direction of the named TV channel. The real premium is a big annual event, accompanied by a huge press conference with the participation of all the media, which si doesn't let miss out no significant artists Russia. In the concert hall for more than seven thousand spectators then it takes place several hours program with music shows from the best artists and it's really something to watch.

The NEMOROS agency was thus the only representative of the Czech Republic at this prestigious event.

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