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International music agency

Music producer with a special focus on the protection of copyright and artistic rights worldwide, Music publishing company, Publishing KOBALT, PR agency, Recording and Film studio

Are you a musician, singer, band or other artist?

Then you probably came here to find answers to your questions. So use this link on the right, which is for you.


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Our agency offers you individual and group workshops focused on singing, creative control of musical instruments, composing music, digital sound processing, as well as workshops related to musician management such as booking, image, choreography, public relations, social network management with a focus on music, and more. Read more about us below. . . . 👇👇👇

Education, modern science

The Eastern European Center for Basic Research under our leadership ensures the dissemination of education within the framework of international cooperation of many countries, and we are the publisher of the international scientific journal "Modern Sciences" containing many scientific papers and articles. You can find out more on the pageEECFR and under the links in the Page Menu and below.

Nemoros/Kobalt Publishing

The future of the composer begins with us

As a partner of the international company KOBALT, we offer musicians and composers the opportunity to register copyrighted works in the catalog of an important American company, with real protection of copyright throughout the world. We deal not only with the collection of royalties from concerts, public media and digital networks, but primarily with active licensing of music to foreign productions, film studios, advertising agencies and other artists. Publishing is the essential partner of every author and the way to ensure additional income, international cooperation and success. More information can be found at the link below.



The King of Soul, more than 14 million records sold, holder of many gold and platinum records, collaboration with major artists such as Mariah Carey, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, David Morales and many more. . .



Composer and pianist with more than 100 singles to his credit, mainly in the style of Neo-soul, hip-hop and jazz. Exclusive collaboration with Nemoros Publishing. Collaboration with Dan Bárta, En.dru, Top Dream Company, Varhan Ochestrovič Bauer, TyNikdy Label and others. 



Composer collaborating with composers and music producers in several countries, composes for artists, film and TV work in many languages.

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Brian Steven HARRIS

Music producer and co-author of many successful singles, collaborates with important composers and artists mainly from UK, USA and European countries, active collaboration with Nemoros



Brilliant pianist and composer with many successful hits in England and Germany, hits for X Factor and collaborations with artists such as John Legend, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and many others. . .


Tereza RAYS

Guitarist, singer and author of many international singles in the style of Rock and Funk, in collaboration with the Nemoros Group, she won many awards for her work, including Album of the Month in the USA, or Trilogy 2020 in England.

Screenshot 2023-07-23 v 19.11_edit
Screenshot 2023-07-23 v 19.19_edited.jpg


Multi-instrumentalist and film composer, jazz and blues artist. He has released several albums in the US with famous artists. Composer for the most famous stars in Balkans, he writes music for American and Indian films.


Dalibor MRAZ

Drummer and music composer, founder of the drumtrainer school, released his exclusive debut album LEVEL 25 in cooperation with Nemoros Group.

. . . and many others

NMR Records

Let your music make money with us

Do you want to publish your music efficiently and successfully? We offer artists not only worldwide registration and publication of their artworks, but also treatment of artistic rights worldwide. We ensure protection and monetization - i.e. fees not only from the media but also from the Internet and social networks. We publish musical works on all world networks and portals with the preparation of playlists and other support. We also offer PR, advertising and support for the dissemination of your works. Experience our first worldwide publishing house that keeps artists 100% of the revenue from their works!!! Read more at the link below.


Music Production

We will help you start your music career

We provide comprehensive services to all musicians, from the creation of recordings and music videos to their distribution and promotion. We will help you set a plan to achieve your goals at home and abroad and provide everything you need at any stage of your project. Cooperation with a music producer, training of singers and musicians, management services, etc. Take advantage of our experience and our partners from the USA, Great Britain, Europe and Russia. The most used services include music tests and a manager's day with the producer. Read more about these services at the link below.


Record studio

Many domestic and foreign recordings were made in the NEMOROS recording studio. It's not about only a recording. It is a personal approach, goal and result.


Foto and Film

Every photograph and film shot has its own purpose. Take advantage of our many years of experience with the implementation from the script to the finished work and its presentation.



Tell us your goals and we will provide you with complete management from the plan, design, music production to the final implementation. Our advice saves your time and money.


Public relations

Being seen is a specific condition for musicians. We provide not only press conferences, articles and media, but also planning and social media advice with a focus on the right goal.


Music clips

A specific industry requires an original solution

Music videos are completely different from other videos and movies. They have their own specifics and their success is directly dependent on their processing. Our many years of experience in shooting music videos at home and abroad have led us to very successful videos with many millions of views, or recognition as a film work abroad.

We offer you help in any part of your project, with script preparation, filming, editing and post production, special effects and music video publishing and advertising. You can find out more about all the shooting options and details at the link below:



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Electric Lady represented at the Global Rock Summit in the USA

24.3 Electric Lady very successfully represented the Czech Republic at an international showcase in Los Angeles, where she presented her art to producers and labels from the USA and throughout Europe, with the support of the Pilsen Region. Her energetic performance attracted the attention of producers from the USA, Brazil, Finland and other countries.


Torton Design week in Italy

Agency Nemoros and Electric Lady supported the new concept "MELODIZE" digital teaching of music and composition, intended for children of school age. Electric Lady supported this modern idea not only with her concert in Milan, but also with her own recordings included in the application.

Snímek obrazovky 2023-01-01 v 16.21.26.png

TRILOGY2020 rated in England

Influenza - the third part of the musical trilogy was selected for the best short films in England. Trilogy 2020 impressed the film jury so much that it was screened in its entirety at the Sheffield festival and received huge recognition from the public.

Snímek obrazovky 2023-10-22 v 22.27.35.png

Original concert light show

Our agency produced and implemented original light show for Electric Lady, designed by top designer Martin Hruška. The first premiere was very successful at the festival in Polička.

Snímek obrazovky 2022-12-31 v 19.08.50.png

Electric Lady and Scott Henderson in Poland

Electric Lady played joint concerts with guitar legend Scott Henderson as part of her concert tour in Poland. "I love Electric Lady, she put on a fantastic show" said Scott Henderson after the concert.


International Meeting of Producers in Los Angeles

Nemoros attended a meeting of music producers and promoters from America and Europe, held in Los Angeles, USA. The topics of the future of the music industry and cooperation were addressed. See more in the gallery 👇


You can find the entire TRILOGY 2020, the summer clip SUMMER ON and many other videos on our channel YouTube



Musical film series of three video clips with the new musical style Electric Lady from the production of NEMOROS

Follow Electric Lady



Do you want to know more about us? Here you will find all interesting events from the history of our music production group. 

Signing of a contract with the English composer Nigel LOWIS

English composer and music producer Nigel LOWIS has signed an exclusive contract with NEMOROS for KOBALT Publishing and is collaborating with NEMOROS on new music projects.

Contract signed with KOBALT

Nemoros became an international Publisher by concluding a contract with one of the world's most important companies, Music Publishing KOBALT

Cooperation between the Czech Republic and the UK, Nemoros and A. Murray

Nemoros expands its foreign activities with very close collaboration with the English composer and pianist Andrew Murray. The first international singles are released.




Rock singer of the band KABAT

Throughout our collaboration, Roman Rossi seemed to me like a very calm person who always acted like an absolute professional. What we said happened happened, and I especially appreciate it these days. That is why I agreed to further cooperation, which I look forward to.

100 na 100

Snímek obrazovky 2023-06-25 v 14.10.19.png

Martin Židlík - band leader

We published our third album Blbej ro(c)k through the Nemoros agency. Cooperation with Roman Rossi opened our eyes in the areas of music production and music publishing. The third album is doing incomparably better than the previous two, precisely thanks to Roman and the Nemoros agency. Roman Rossi is a professional and we value working with him.

Dipl. um Ilona REDLOVÁ


Opera artist and director of Voice of the Czech

I have been cooperating with Nemoros for the third year. I value professionalism and also keep my word. Which is the most valuable these days. For the winners of our singing competition, she has always had beautiful and valuable prizes, and for some of them, working with this agency was a springboard to fulfilling their dream. Many thanks to the director of this agency, Roman Rossi.

Dalibor FROST


Composer drummer and founder of DrumTrainer

Roman Rossi and NEMOROS put their trust in my projects and helped me start them. The DrumTrainer project would not have existed without his help. It means a lot to me.

Teresa RAYS


Singer and guitarist called Electric Lady

After 15 years, I found the first music agency that not only promises, but acts! I appreciate excellent managerial skills and leadership, I am very grateful for opportunities and results that I would never achieve myself. Ave Nemoros 😀

Diana Kucherenko

Snímek obrazovky 2023-06-25 v 22.16.41.png

Candidate of Sciences and director of the Kyiv Scientific Institute

Roman Rossi contributed to the significant development of our international relations, and it is only thanks to his agency that the international scientific magazine "Modern science" exists. Our scientific community highly values this important and reliable cooperation.

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